Friday, June 22, 2012

SEO Consultant Tips

I've been an SEO Consultant for about 8 years and have been learning search engine optimization techniques for over a decade! Search engine optimization has paid my bills for over a decade, almost every penny of income I make has SEO to thank.

Unlike a lot of so called SEO experts I do a lot of SEO tests and research, for example I was one of if not the first person to discover Google counts the contents of the alt attribute (that's the alt="keyword here" on images and image links) towards it's SERPs, but ignores the title attribute (that's the title="keywords here" on text links).

So I know my stuff when it comes to SEO.

SEO Tip : Anchor Text Usage

Anchor text is the text you see when you look at a link, the major search engines like Google consider this text VERY important for where the link is going to, so if you link to a page with anchor text SEO Consultant (for example: SEO Consultant) the link the page is going to will receive a boost for those keywords (SEO Consultant in this example), pretty much anyone who believes they know something about search engine optimization already knows this. But, what many do not realise is the anchor text is also important for the page the link is ON, so with our link example above the page a link like that is on is going to get a small boost for the keywords SEO Consultant because there's a link with that anchor text and anchor text is more important than standard body text.

What this tells us is two things.

First: If you want a SERP like SEO Consultant the page you want the SERP for should have incoming links (incoming links can also be from internal pages, not just other domains) using SEO Consultant as text and also have out going links (outgoing links don't have to go to another domain, they can be to internal pages on the same domain) with the anchor text SEO Consultant: note you can also use derivative SERPs like SEO Service, Google Consultant etc... since they both use one of the main keywords.

Second: You want to avoid using anchor text not related to a pages SERPs, so with a page after SEO Consultant related SERPs you ideally don't want a lot of links about flower arranging or scuba diving because it will 'water down' the SEO optimization of your page. That's not to say don't link to unrelated pages at all, just keep it in mind, try to link to related pages far more than unrelated.